PhD Positions

A PhD position is immediately available in my group, funded by the BMBF project

"Untersuchung der elektronischen Struktur und Vielteilchen-Dynamik von massenselektierten Clustern mit VUV und
Röntgenstrahlung aus Freie-Elektronen-Lasern"
 (study of the electronic structure and many-particle dynamics of mass-selected clusters with VUV and x-rays from free-electron lasers)

The project involves the development and application of a novel photoelectron spectrometer for experiments on size-selected clusters at free electron lasers. This is part of a collaboration project with the cluster physics group at the University of Rostock (Prof. Meiwes-Broer). The Freiburg cluster physics group has extensive experience in the study of size selected and temperature controlled clusters by photoelectron and absorption spectroscopy, employing light sources from nanosecond and femtosecond laser systems to synchrotrons and free-electron-lasers. The new spectrometer will allow to study in detail the full valence and core shell electronic structure of free clusters as well as ultrafast electron dynamics.

The ideal candidate holds a masters in Physics or Chemistry and has a strong background in photoelectron spectroscopy and ion beam methods and is very familiar with vacuum and laser technology.

For further information please contact me (Prof. B.v.Issendorff).