Cluster physics Freiburg

The group does research on clusters, small aggregates (N = 3 or 4 up to several thousands) of atoms or molecules, which are transitional forms of matter between atoms and molecules and their corresponding bulk forms. Properties of clusters are studied as a function of cluster size for fundamental reasons as well as technological reasons: clusters may offer ways to make altogether new kinds of materials.







Setups at different locations

Impressions from the lab

  • Burning Argon plasma
  • 2019 beamtime setup top
  • Regenerative amplifier of the femto laser
  • Gold plated interaction zone
  • 2019 beamtime setup side
  • Used Niobium sputter target
  • Cold head shield
  • Flight tube
  • Burning Argon plasma
  • Deposited lead clusters on hexapole ion guide
  • Spectrometer during baking
  • LN2 cooling system
  • Sputter head
  • Typical photoelectron angular distributions for small Na clusters
  • Femto laser oscillator
  • Cluster machine
  • Aggregation tube with deposited giant clusters
  • Burning Argon plasma
  • Cluster deposition chamber
  • Ion trap with cold head shield
  • Burning Helium plasma
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July 2023
Maziyar Kazemi and Lotar Kurti joined us as PhD students

June 2023
5-10 march 2023
We are present at the 86. Jahrestagung der DPG und DPG-Frühjahrstagung in "Hannover".

February 2023
We present our research and offer available topics for final theses on Wed Feb 1st, 2023 4pm at the poster session in the foyer of the Gustav-Mie building. Fell free to have a look at our introductory video in advance.

December 2022
2-7 October 2022
We are hosting the Clustertreffen 2022

August 2022
July 2022
We made a new publication: The Highest Oxidation State of Rhodium: Rhodium(VII) in [RhO3]+
Angew. Chem.Int. Ed.2022, 61, e202207688

14-18 march 2022
Februar 2022
Kevin Schwarz joined us as a PhD student of the new Research Training Group DynCAM (RTG 2717)

September 2021
We made a new publication: Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Large Water Cluster Anions
J. Phys. Chem. A 2021, 125, 38, 8426–8433

August 2021
Phillip Stöcks joined us as a Master student

July 2021
Our PhD student Aghigh Jalehdoost handed in her thesis Anion Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Acenes

June 2021
We made a new publication: Decoherence-Induced Universality in Simple Metal Cluster Photoelectron Angular Distributions
Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 233201 (2021)

May 2021
We made a new publication: Site-selective soft X-ray absorption as a tool to study protonation and electronic structure of gas-phase DNA
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2021, 23, 11900

09 March 2021
Watch our Presentation of research Video and visit our Online-Meeting room for discussion

March 2021
Our new group website! has been hosted!

February 2021
We made a new publication: Probing Structural Information of Gas-Phase Peptides by Near-Edge X-ray Absorption Mass Spectrometry
J. Am. Soc. Mass Spectrom. 2021, 32, 3, 670–684 (2021)

January 2021
We made a new publication: The electronic structure and deexcitation pathways of an isolated metalloporphyrin ion resolved by metal L-edge spectroscopy Chem. Sci (2021)