Open Positions

There is one PhD position immediately available:

FEL based photoelectron spectroscopy on gas phase clusters

In this BMBF-funded project, a new mobile cluster photoelectron spectroscopy apparatus specially designed for experiments at FELs will be completed - core components like a special cryogenic low background magnetic bottle spectrometer and a high-intensity cluster source exist already - and used for a broad range of experiments on size-selected clusters at FELs like FLASH, studying the structure of shallow core states and ultrafast electron dynamics in lower and higher intensity fields. The experimental setup will be a compact version of the one described here.

The candidates are expected to have a strong background in physics or physical chemistry, and ideally experience with vacuum technology, ion beams, laser or x-ray spectroscopy. Good knowledge of German or English, both written and oral, is compulsory.

Apart from these, there are several Bachelor and Master thesis projects available; contact bernd.von.issendorff for details.